Sunday, October 21, 2012

Three series I am currently working on

© Emily Porter

This series is based around sexuality and mundane moments in a relationship. It is in it's beginnings....

The Silhouette of a Damsel © Emily Porter

This series is about exploring the human body as a figure and ...:

i have been noticing lately how awkward we as creatures really are. we are hairless animals that trench around on two legs thinking that we dominate the world and the "lesser" animals around us. We are so similar in our physic that we are astonishingly beautiful in our grotesque forms. In The Silhouette of a Damsel series I want to show how similar we are yet how beautifully awkward our forms can be and as a species we are unique yet so different in our silhouetted form.

                                                  untitled © Emily Porter

.........and then im working on a polaroid series with 2x3 polaroid film and documenting my every day life......this occurred after my digital camera broke and i just wanted to shoot all the time....we shall see what taking one hundred images and seeing what pops up

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