Friday, November 30, 2012

Polaroids.....just cause

103 polaroids later.....yea i know the orange background is awful but that's what color my yoga mat is and i set them out and realized i was too lazy to move them so BAM....there it is. After shooting these for the past two months I decided to lay them out to see what I have. Some are just personal images of family and friends but there are a bunch I feel like I could work with. Ran out of film so I think I have decided to continue this side project and see what happens over a long period of time. mwauuuhhhhhh.
                                            all imagery © Emily Porter

Writing more sounds like a good idea creative self is going crazy working on multiple projects at once...but I would not know another way to create my work. Tons of shoots and film to develop so many more posts shortly!

Monday, November 19, 2012

i have been freaking out since my digital camera broke....i have been using my 35mm and my polaroid....but i do not have the funds to develop all my film....ahhh need my digital to get back to work on my series....

Just recently came back from Washington DC where Untitled Cereal had their first exhibition which had one of my new pieces featured. The Silhouette of a Damsel No.3
The Silhouette of a Damsel No.3 © Emily Porter

It was quite exciting and I was able to meet the amazing curator, Amy Lust, as well. I can not wait to develop my film, purchase my camera, and possibly have an artists collective in the works.....!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

So much going on.......

                                                        © courtesy of Untitled Cereal

I am going to Washington DC in a few weeks for an exhibition hosted by Untitled Cereal that will be showing one of my images from the in process series, The Silhouette of a Damsel.  I am very excited...and while I am doing this I get to meet up with my friend who goes to grad school out there.  And I get to experience FotoDC Festival!

 I also found this site called Artists Wanted that allows you to have a portfolio to view and view other creatives and enter contests and what not.