Friday, November 30, 2012

Polaroids.....just cause

103 polaroids later.....yea i know the orange background is awful but that's what color my yoga mat is and i set them out and realized i was too lazy to move them so BAM....there it is. After shooting these for the past two months I decided to lay them out to see what I have. Some are just personal images of family and friends but there are a bunch I feel like I could work with. Ran out of film so I think I have decided to continue this side project and see what happens over a long period of time. mwauuuhhhhhh.
                                            all imagery © Emily Porter

Writing more sounds like a good idea creative self is going crazy working on multiple projects at once...but I would not know another way to create my work. Tons of shoots and film to develop so many more posts shortly!

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