Friday, July 29, 2011

untitled © Emily Porter

Alec Schuppel 2011 © Emily Porter

Final print for the Paris Trip Exhibition that will be up at MIAD in August. These images (except the last one) is inspired by Constantine Brancussi's, Sleeping Muse. I wanted to modernize it and make it my own. I can not wait for all my summer classes to be over so I can start doing my own thing and develop all my film. I will post the final images for the muse inspiration project as soon as I choose one image from all the shoots. My model and friend, Alec Schuppel, is an amazing photographer who is always willing to help me out with shoots.

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  1. That last photo of Alec is too perfect. I can't even look at it. Such a creeper stare lol

    In all seriousness though, I think the middle one works well.